Wearing Masks (Follow-Up)

September 21, 2021 (FOLLOW-UP)

Dear Mustang Students and Families:

I would like to clarify and answer the most common questions in reference to my earlier letter.

I mentioned some children may have an option to wear a face shield or request a mask exemption.  In both of these cases, there has to be a valid medical reason or educational reason for them to exercise these 2 options.  However, the majority of the students will need to wear a mask.

I also mentioned, that we have a 10-12% absentee rate.  These are students who are staying home for various reasons and do not have Covid.  Some may stay home for precautionary reasons.  We are currently reviewing our data to update our dashboard on current cases.  However, they are minimal, but on the rise.  Our big issue is when one case gets in the school, multiple students and staff are forced to quarantine.

Unfortunately, this creates inconvenience for everyone on so many levels.  The practice of wearing mask reduces how many students and staff are forced to quarantine which in end helps keep our kids in-school learning.

Thank you for understanding.  We hope to resind the mask requirement as soon as we possibly can.


Dr. William R. Nye Jr.
Superintendent, Grand Valley Local Schools
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Orwell Ohio, 44076
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